Hebrew WordPress 1.5.2

(Hebrew WordPress is based on Matt Mullenweg‘s [original English version of WordPress](http://www.wordpress.org/))

As of the update to version 1.5.2, Hebrew WordPress has its own blog at [ranh.co.il/wp](http://ranh.co.il/wp/). There's no English version for that page yet.

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  1. Yen Brannstrom

    Shalom Ran,
    great you posted this. I'm about to start into the blogging world and will help my bachura set up her blog too. Hers will be in Hebrew.
    Are there any issues I need to look out for? Or is WordPress now completely fine be'Ivrit?
    I likethe fact that your blog there is a combined Ivrit/Anglit page. How is that done?

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